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We are creatives, writers, and filmmakers, sharing our thoughts on mindful travel and the expat and digital nomad lifestyle. Chipotles and Chill is our creative outlet for unique and engaging content that inspires our fellow globetrotters and curious adventurers to contribute to the communities we visit and leave something meaningful behind when we move on.

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Who we are

Hi friends! Thank you so much for visiting our website, you are very welcome here. Our names are Jamie and Carlos. We are creatives, writers, and filmmakers sharing our journey as expats and part-time digital nomads. Chipotles and Chill is our creative outlet for new and interesting ways to connect with the world around us.

Mindful travel with a couple of digital nomads in Arequipa, Peru

10 Principles of Mindful Travel

We have created this post to outline the 10 values and principles that guide our philosophy. Our purpose is to create a community motivated by these same values and share our learnings along the way!

Featured Stories

3 Myths and 1 Truth About Travelling

In this post, we debunk the three biggest myths about travel that we, as expats, hear all the time. We also wanted to speak a little bit about one often overlooked truth.

Why We Started this project

We decided to create the stories that we wish we would like to consume. Learn more about the motives that have driven the creation of Chipotles and Chill. 

Beyond Checklist Travel

We love traveling beyond the endless lists of ’10 things to do in…’ In fact, we refer to this touring way of traveling as checklist travel, and in this post; we will share some alternatives that go beyond those checklists.